Already recognised as global leaders in golfing innovation and inclusivity, the European Tour has reaffirmed that via an inventive partnership with the European Tour Caddies Association (ETCA), aimed at driving the potential of caddies as a collective commercial commodity.

Enhancing the financial security and wellbeing of caddies is one of the core principles of the ETCA and the European Tour is committed to assisting in that quest through delivering sponsorship to caddies and the association for the first time.

Max Hamilton, Head of Commercial Partnerships for the European Tour, said: “There is no question that the role of the caddie is unique, no other sportsman or sportswoman has such as a trusted advisor by their side on the actual field of play.

“We believe that the story telling opportunity this offers, alongside the associated media value, is significant and we look forward to progressing discussions with many potential partners to benefit our caddies from the 2020 season onwards.”

Sean Russell, Chairman of the ETCA and the man who has been the driving force behind the partnership, said: “There is no question that the commercial value of caddies has been under-exploited over the years. But with caddies now being increasingly visible on television and across a wide range of social media platforms, we believe sponsors are starting to understand their importance and value from a commercial perspective.

“For the majority of caddies who do not have financial security, wellbeing, or the many things most people take for granted like notice periods, redundancy packages, pension contributions or medical insurance; this will help make a huge difference.”

Working alongside the European Tour and the ETCA are Rocket Yard Sports who already represent a number of European Tour players.

Daryl Evans, Director of Rocket Yard Sports said: “Through this project, the European Tour is endeavouring to positively affect the financial, mental and physical wellbeing of the caddies which is commendable and is a venture we are delighted to assist with.

“As a caddie, job security can be challenging at time so this opportunity will not only benefit them, but also those brands who desire a strong visible presence on media outlets across the many countries the European Tour plays every year.”

Full details on the specifics of the commercial and sponsorship programme will be released in due course.