Athletes & Celebrity Services

Most people don’t even start because they don’t want to be seen starting at the bottom. Don’t be most people


With thousands of athletes, celebrities and influencers all around the world, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate from other personalities within the same field of expertise. We work with these personalities to establish a personal brand that has brand appeal and engages with fans.

We do this by looking at the person behind the athlete to help champion their passions and interests to a niche audience. Without a true brand strategy an athlete can lack identity which results in a weak commercial profile.


A core passion point for us when working with athletes is to provide knowledge that enables them to become a commercial commodity for a brand that is aligned with their own personal view of the world. Additionally, protecting them from the rewards and pitfalls of celebrity status provides assurance, comfort and confidence.


We help athletes manage and build their social media presence with authenticity and honesty. Whether it’s everyday operational services, or content management and planning, or consulting directional services. Social media is an athlete’s most powerful asset when communicating to their audience. Documenting and storytelling the athletes journey builds engagement and fan sentiment and facilitates natural brand advocacy when working with partners.


Our consulting phase begins by tapping into our industry experience to guide and educate athletes on how to become attractive, commercial propositions regionally and globally. We support our clients by crafting promotional documentation and a sponsorship pricing matrix that fits their personal brand strategy.

Beyond the consulting phase and for those athletes with established audiences and sponsorship activation experience, will we engage with our business network to carve open new revenue generating solutions for athletes.