Fan Experiences

Sport is the one key platform that unites the diversity and passion that sits within each and every one of us.


The aim of our team is to give people memorable, positive and stimulating brand experiences while achieving company objectives with experiential marketing events. Here at Rocket Yard, we don’t just bring brands to events, we make brands the event. From grassroots activations to multi-year positioning, we shape riveting, brand-centric environments and experiential campaigns that become a focal point for fans.


By designing a custom-made experience that hits hard at the core of our clients’ audience, leveraging location and industry know-how, enables a greater emotional response between brand and fan.

  • Evaluating KPI’s
  • Concept creation
  • Content and marketing strategy approach
  • CSR initiatives
  • Celebrity, athlete, speaker attendance.

Each touchpoint is an opportunity to create an emotional bond between brands and fans. Couple that with digital takeaways built into the footprint to no-or-low-touch engagements, we craft immersive moments to fit our clients’ commercial objectives.


We design gameday activations to stimulate our clients’ audience, helping them to deliver a community-centric vibe that excites and commands attention.

  • Bespoke fan participation led experiences
  • Data capture strategies
  • Content team management


We create experiential programs that extend beyond their physical presence, bringing the brand to life through online immersive ways and encouraging digital engagement.

  • Wrap up content
  • Social media and digital distribution
  • Short clip content