Media Buying & Public Relations

Validating sports marketing initiatives in a digital world is what brings the action to brands and the imagination to fans.


Clients seeking to extend their reach and appeal to sports fans through print and digital media outlets, leverage off our PR expertise to access the right channels to tell their story. A good PR campaign delivers the best finishing touch to fan-led campaigns and provides the full 360 sports marketing experience. Our strategic thinking covers…

  • Media strategy and public relations
  • Campaign amplification and copywriting

Our expertise of marketing and communications professionals deliver expertise across advertising, content production, influencer marketing, campaign amplification and traditional public relations.


Stimulating a strong online, visual and audio presence through paid-for (and organic) strategies, helps to structure digital and content activities for our clients in a meaningful way, establishing brand recognition, building brand loyalty, and delivering leads.

We implement innovative strategies and campaigns to optimise brand investment in the participation of sport. Therefore, paid strategies that cover television, radio, podcast and google ads are all available services through Rocket Yard.


Social advertising is a focussed approach to building a community, increasing brand sentiment and generating leads. Through intelligent tracking and analysis, we optimise campaigns in real-time to ensure performance is maximised, by channel, by format, by country and by audience segment. We are experienced in diversifying media spend budgets to reach key target audiences and outsmarting the competition whilst delivering results.


Our ‘out-of-home’ services means those locations that are not online or in stadia such as billboards and public transport advertisements. Shaping a fully integrated marketing approach has maximum value if delivered with purpose.